Acro Dance Classes
In Bradford

Looking to get involved in a unique and thrilling genre of dance? Our acro dance class in Bradford is open to all ages and abilities, the only thing you need is a budding interest in this amazing dance fusion. This particular style of dance often takes inspiration from other dance genres such as ballet, jazz and street dance, so experience in these types of dance is welcome.

About acro dance

Acro dancing is a unique genre of dance that encompasses an exciting mix of acrobatics and contemporary dance. It originated as a traditional Chinese dance but has since gained popularity from acrobatic and circus shows such as Cirque du Soleil.

Acro dance is comprised of athleticism, balance, limbering and tumbling, while increasing the body’s contortion ability, strength and flexibility. These elements help make you stronger which will help you refine your form and keep control, especially when holding your own body weight.

Unlike gymnastics, acro dance blends the dance and acrobatic elements seamlessly, without pause and without the help of a sprung floor. It can either be fast-paced and energetic or slow and expressive, but it is choreographed in a fluid dance style, where acrobatics and dance work together harmoniously.

Acro dancing

What to wear to Acro Dance classes

For our Bradford acro dance classes, we suggest dressing as comfortably as possible while keeping the body streamlined. For our CC Dance Company acro dance class, we require you to wear your CC crop top or leotard with CC leggings, or if you’d prefer, a ballet or jazz uniform. We don’t advise shoes and suggest long hair is tied back in a bun or ponytail.

When are Acro Dance classes?

Our range of acro dance class takes place every Sunday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. Check out our class timetable here.

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