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What an absolutely fantastic opportunity the dancers of West Yorkshire had when Kimberley Wyatt held her "heels" workshop at CC. It was insane. The ballroom was crammed with 70 excited dancers all rearing to go and be taught by an industry professional. The talent we had in the room was simply breath-taking and once the music was on, everyone meant business! Kimberley taught a short piece to “feel it still” by Portugal. The man and we asked her to award two dancers a bursary for impressing her!

From ballet to TAP, from Modern to theatre craft, there’s a world of dance waiting for you! Dancing is one of the oldest and most sociable forms of entertainment. Whatever your age or ability, we can help you discover dance. At CC Dance Company we are accredited with the IDTA and can help you learn the fun of dance and progress your skills, from your very first step right up to the most stylish expressions of dance! We are here for anyone who wants to have fun,