Baby Ballet Classes
In Bradford

Bring the magic of ballet to your little stars with our baby ballet classes for girls and boys! We offer classes for little ones aged 6 to 18 months all the way to budding ballerinas and dancers aged 4 to 6. Baby ballet is an excellent approach to prepare your children for the rewarding discipline of ballet dancing and an enjoyable way to get them moving and ignite their enthusiasm for dance.

About baby ballet

During our baby ballet classes, your children will be given a fun introduction to the basics of ballet and to exercise in general. They will be encouraged to move their bodies to music and to get used to understanding ballet terminology and moves. Baby ballet is an excellent foundation upon which to build a long future in ballet, but it is also a great way to get your children into exercise.

The Benefits of Baby Ballet

Whilst a clear benefit is to prepare your young children for a future in ballet, a wider benefit is the social aspect of the group. Your little ones will make friends and have lots of fun whilst exercising and developing an understanding of ballet moves and basic ballet terminology. If your children develop an interest and love for dancing, they may wish to join our Bradford ballet classes when they get older.

Baby ballet dancer

What should your children wear and bring?

For baby ballet classes, your children will need to wear a leotard with tights or a leotard with black shorts and white socks, with either pink or black ballet shoes. If your child has long hair it should be tied up in a bun. More information can be found in our 2018 brochure.

Your little one should also have some water or something to drink to ensure that they stay hydrated throughout the class.

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