Street Dance Classes
In Bradford

Open to all ages, our Bradford street dance classes are great for anyone looking to join a lively and energetic dance class. Street dance covers a range of mini-genres within it, from break dancing to old-school hip-hop to house. Our Bradford street dance classes include solo, prep, and associate as well as team street dance, each one welcoming all ages.

About Street Dance

Street dance has become widely popular across the world, with classic ‘00s movies like Honey, Stomp The Yard, Save The Last Dance, and Step Up promoting street dance and bringing this exciting and highly animated dance to fame. Celebrity dance groups like Diversity, the winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2009, have also influenced street dance across the world, taking it to new heights that no one could have ever imagined.

Not only is Street Dance fun, it’s highly expressive and a chance to explore your creativity. It often incorporates current dance crazes and trends, making this a very relevant and on-trend dance genre for modern kids. Street dance involves other contemporary forms of dance such as freestyle, hip-hop, break dancing, popping and locking. As street dance is so versatile, it also lends itself to fusion dance, and works well when combined with other genres of dance such as jazz, to create something highly creative that’s totally unique and original.

Street dance classes

What to wear to Street Dance classes

Depending on your age and grade, the dress code for Street Dance varies. For young dancers, we require you to wear your CC crop top, t-shirt, or leotard with your CC leggings or black bottoms. If you’re a senior, we require that you wear your own uniform or CC jazz wear. Shoe-wise, we recommend wearing sports trainers.

When are Street Dance classes?

Classes are held on Thursday evenings and all day Friday in the CC Dance Company ballroom. Check out our class timetable here.

Our Street Dance team

Our dedicated street dance teachers Raven, Tori and Miss Alisha are here to welcome you to the world of street dance! All our staff are fully qualified, CRB/DBS checked and trained to the very highest standards. Let us inspire you or your child to be the best they can be.

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