Jazz Dance Classes
In Bradford

If you are looking to broaden your dance experience with a new fun and energetic medium, why not try our jazz classes? Open to all ages, our jazz classes start from prep jazz classes, to teen, and senior jazz classes, meaning anyone who has a love of dance and a background in ballet is welcome.

About jazz

Jazz dancing is one of the most popular styles of dance. It was made popular in the 1950s and is a well-loved style seen across many films and TV shows. Many popular jazz moves and terminology have made their way into mainstream conversation such as jazz hands! Jazz is a fun and energetic form of dance that helps to showcase a dancer’s individual style without being too restrictive. A strong background in ballet will go very far to ensure a flourishing dance career in jazz as you will need grace and excellent balance.

Jazz dance takes the traditional disciplines of ballet and adds a signature jazz twist. As with our ballet classes in Bradford, it takes hard work and a lot of practice to master the basic of the jazz technique, but it is a rewarding and enjoyable form of dance to master.

Jazz dancing

What to wear to Jazz classes

For jazz dancing, the graceful lines of your body need to be visible, therefore we do not recommend baggy tops or loose clothing. For CC Dancy Company jazz lessons, we require you to wear a leotard and leggings or a CC Dance crop top and leggings. On your feet, you may wear jazz shoes or go barefoot.

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