Ballet Classes
In Bradford

Ballet is a beautiful and historic form of dance that has been treasured for hundreds of years all over the world. Ballet has defined the foundation of many other dance techniques such as jazz and other forms of contemporary dance.

RAD method ballet classes

Established in 1920, the Royal Academy of Dance method of ballet is traditionally referred to as the English style of ballet, promoting academic training in a classical ballet style. When you take RAD ballet classes at our Bradford dance school, you will move through specific grade levels in order to complete your ballet training. The main focus of this school of ballet is mastering the basics. You will be instructed on the basic ballet technique, a mastery of which will allow you to utilise harder steps at a far easier rate than other technical methods of ballet instruction. Our Bradford ballet classes focus on learning the foundational steps of ballet, allowing you to home your ability and become a true master of the craft. You may wish to combine your ballet teachings with our Bradford jazz classes, to gain a wider knowledge of dance.

Ballet dancer shoes

CC Dance Associate Ballet Programme

We work hard to foster a safe and caring environment for all our dancers at CC Dance Company. Our ballet teachers are highly skilled with years of dance experience, and our dance school is considered to be the only place to train if you are passionate about a career in ballet or in performing arts.

Our Bradford ballet classes are open to all ages, and we also offer Baby ballet classes for little ones. If you are interested in beginning your ballet journey with CC Dance Company, please get in touch today!

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